Impacts and Benefits of Switching to Green Cleaning Products

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Sat, Oct 4, 2008

Living Green

Green LivingThere are tremendous impacts and benefits that can persuade many people why it is a good choice to make the switch to green cleaning products. These impacts and benefits have to do with the environment and our personal health. Healthy cleaning products are changing the way that our cleaning habits affect everything around us in a good way!

One of the greatest impacts caused by switching to green cleaning products is that the amount of household waste generated in your home will be greatly reduced. Instead of sending toxins and harsh chemicals into your local environment on a daily basis, you will now be less of a toxic waste bug. Another great thing is that instead of creating further problems to the environment that are hard to clean up, the use of green cleaning products avoids the problem in the first place. The environment needs all the help that it can get and every little step counts.

Switching to green cleaning products will make manufacturers take notice when other companies get revenue from their green cleaning products. When enough people switch to using healthy cleaning products, manufacturers will recognize the desire and will respond by producing less and non toxic cleaning formulas. As more people switch and become environmentally conscious, other people will have a greater chance to learn how their daily actions affect the environment and their own health. Another impact will be that manufacturers will work harder on innovative ingredient development and create better green cleaning formulas as a result. As more innovations result, we will see more recycling, biodegradable formulas and a greater variety of natural ingredients being used in ingenious ways.

Besides, less harmful pollution in the environment, a great benefit relates to human health. People who use green cleaning products are no longer exposed to the health risks from using toxic cleaners. When a person is exposed to a toxic cleaner, there can be either short or long term risks. The short term risks can involve an immediate reaction such as a rash, watery eyes, itching, burns, blindness, irritate mucus membranes and respiratory problems. Long term risks are health related problems that can arise from chronic use or over-exposure to the toxin and can be related to many serious illness affecting the respiratory system, endocrine system, hormone levels and the nervous systems. As food for thought, many toxic cleaners contain carcinogens, which can cause cancer.

Sustainability is another benefit to using healthy cleaning products. Sustainable products are those products, which do not use a non-renewable resource in their manufacture. Instead, recycled materials and other alternative ingredients are used which will not affect the ability of future generations to enjoy the protected natural resource that would have been used to extinction otherwise.

Making the switch to green cleaning products has positive impacts and benefits that can be appreciated by all. These impacts and benefits can improve the quality of our lives and the environment. This environmental solution of going green should be taken seriously. Switching to green cleaning now provides protection against environmental and human health problems later.

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