Green Baby Products

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Sat, Oct 4, 2008

Green Products

Green Baby ProductsAs more parents become environmentally conscious and aware of the many toxic ingredients that can be found in many products, green baby products are looking more attractive than ever. As more evidence comes out about lead on children’s toys, plastic bottles and the toxic ingredients contained in many products, parents want better products for their children, including green baby products. Whether it is organic cotton for their children’s t-shirts or a vegetable based baby cream, parents are becoming more interested in protecting their children from the bombardment of harsh chemicals that are routinely used in many homes.

For many parents, the switch is not entirely about saving the planet. The switch to a green lifestyle is chosen because it is simply a more healthy way to bring up children. Parents naturally want the best for their children and that is enough to motivate many parents to go green. These parents realize that the healthiest start is possible when exposure to toxins and plastics is kept to a minimum.

For some parents, the switch to a green lifestyle can begin with pregnancy. At that point, the mother-to-be will begin greening her home and lifestyle in preparation for the baby’s arrival. This greening process generally involves using natural cleaners and personal products and it can involve the preparation of the nursery. Parents can choose natural carpets without synthetic fibers, organic wood products and natural paints for the nursery.

Many parents want to avoid exposing their children to plastic and will purchase glass baby bottles and ceramic dish ware for their youngsters. Since many children place their toys in their mouth beginning in babyhood, parents can choose from wooden toys and other toys made of natural materials, such as rubber and cloth, for their babies and children.

For clothing and diapers, there are many green fabrics, including hemp, cotton, wool, linen, bamboo, soy and silk for starters. You can find eco clothing for babies and children of all ages for the different seasons. Many parents believe that recycling clothing is another way to make sure their children’s clothing is green.

As for mealtimes, there are organic baby foods, children’s snacks and meals, that can be purchased fresh or frozen. Organic foods may be picked up or delivered, depending on the location. Many parents choose fresh organic foods to create their own organic baby food.

When it comes to cleaning baby, there are many green baby products. Since the skin soaks in whatever is put on it, using natural ingredients is the best for young skin. Natural baby wipes, shampoos, diaper ointment, moisturizer and mild soaps are available in extra mild formulas made from all natural ingredients, that can be used on the most sensitive skin.

For many parents, the choice to choose green baby products is easy. Choosing green baby products gives a parent the ability to reduce and prevent their baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals, plastics and over-processed foods. Green baby products are quickly rising as one of the more popular types of green products on the market today.

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