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Sat, Oct 4, 2008

Green Products

Biodegradable Cleaning ProductsAt one time, biodegradable cleaning products were an unknown thing. That is until the 1960s, when the word “biodegradable” was coined to indicate that when a product reached the environment as waste or pollution, it would degrade. The degrading would take place because, generally, bacteria or the elements would break the item down.

Before the wonders of the industrial age, there was a time when household cleaners were created from natural ingredients. When these ingredients reached the environment, they would break down safely because of their natural origin. These natural cleaning products were not harmful to the home, health or environment.

People did not know it then, but their cleaning methods are now inspiring many green cleaners even today because there were no plastics, synthetic materials or harsh chemicals used regularly in the home at that time. It was only when petroleum based products began to be processed that these harsh cleaners began to be used everywhere. This is because as a petroleum by-product, these ingredients were cheap and plentiful. These cheap ingredients became the active ingredients for many cleaning formulas. Many of the ingredients used in modern cleaning products are by-products of different manufacturing processes unrelated to household cleaning and their safety has not been tested for regular use by humans.

These petroleum based and synthetic chemical based cleaning products eventually became widely used without little consideration for their effects on health or the environment. Most of the ingredients in these modern formulas are not only toxic or harsh, the ingredients are also persistent pollutants in the environment. This means that these ingredients do not break down and instead may accumulate in water and the earth. Persistent pollutants wreak havoc with the environment, habitat and wildlife.

When biodegradable cleaning products first came out, the first popular product was biodegradable laundry detergent. This is because it was discovered that only a little bit of the regular detergents was needed to cause a fish kill. Nowadays, as more people understand how important it is to save the environment, there are more types of biodegradable cleaning products available. These biodegradable cleaning products borrow their recipes from older cleaning formulas and use newly developed ingredients that are meant to be environmentally friendly.

Earth friendly products are available in a variety of forms for common everyday uses. Interested customers will find biodegradable detergents, steamer cleaners, stain treatments, solvent cleaners, bleach alternatives, fabric softeners, dish soaps and general cleaners for all types of surfaces. Not only are many of these products created from biodegradable ingredients, many of these products are also green cleaners, which gives the customer the comfort of knowing that the environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaner is mild and effective enough to be used in the home regularly.

Biodegradable cleaning products are a necessity for keeping the environment and water clean of the persistent pollutants that harm wildlife and their habitat. When it comes to safe water, the water with the least chemicals is going to be the safest for everybody including wildlife. Since we ultimately drink from the water sources around us, shouldn’t we do our best to keep our waterways safe by using biodegradable cleaning products?

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